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Shop online for fresh ingredients, vegetables and fruits from local grower & selection of imported goods. Deliver to all area in Bali

Bali Local Produce – Proud Product of Indonesia 

We love local produce. Some of our favourite buys includes jams, marmalade, peanut butter, cashew butter, chutney, honey, daily oven baked bread and bakery, gelato ice cream and many more.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are still growing when you order them. Our local farmers picked the day of delivery to make sure that food you eat is fresh as it can be and full of nutrients.

Most importantly is healthy for your body.
These are available at our website buy  online now and get free delivery of this month April Cool.
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April Free Delivery – Online Farmers Market 

Buy seasonal fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh ingredients online with Compass Fresh Bali . Free Delivery on April orders. All month. 
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Hot buys:

 Fresh young Coconut water Rp. 13,000 ea. 

Gusto Ice cream Medium 3 scoop & flavours, Rp. 46,200. 

Local Avocado Rp. 16,500/ 500gr

Sweet Potato Rp. 7,800 / 500 gr. 

Lettuce romaine Rp. 11,900/pc . 

Fresh green curry paste Rp. 65,450/jar, yellow and red curry paste also available. 

For more fresh list please go to website. 

Compass Fresh Healthy Food Fresh Food

We are all about healthy and fresh food. 

Compass Fresh delivers fresh ingredients for your cooking recipes to your home for free all month on April this year. 

We picked directly from our local farmers to order so your vegetables and ingredients keep green, fresh and health for you, your family and your children. 

Although sometime, you want to add a litle bit of imported ingredients. That is totally fine. We also delivers choices of imported goods. 

Some tips to buy fresh and healthy Foods:

1. Fruits & Vegetables: choose seasonal produce and freshly picked. This way you will always get the freshness, no bruised/ demaged, more nutrients and better taste. 

2. For non vegan, select meats, poultry and seafood from animal raised humanely, of course the cost depends of the quality of the food.

3. Drinks: Drink a glass of fresh Coconut water whilst you are living in Bali. Or one whole fresh coconut water everyday. The fact that Fresh Coconut is the most healthiest drink on earth apart from fresh drinking water. 

3. For your sweets / dessert needs, try use minimal sugars but use more of fruits for its own sugars. Most fruits contains lots of sugars. Maple syrup or Natufal honey also work, though you cannot give honey to child under 1 year old. 

So, if you’re thinking to live healthy all your life, start buying fresh ingredients for your daily foods. 

Order from Compass Fresh and tell me how your experience it and may be a photo of what you made from our fresh ingredients

Job Vacation in Bali 2016 April 

We are seeking for an enthusiast candidate to join our Team at Compas Fresh.

Must experience in food and beverage.

Full time position as Assistant Purchasing Manager.

please send your CV to

Visit website for company information

Reason online shopping is so Popular 

Because the numbers of advantage and benefits more people prefer shopping online over conventional shopping these days. People can easily compare price, features products, discounts and get the latest updates of any products just by one click.

shopping online with compass

With buying online, you can purchase specific products easily from local to worldwide brands, sit in the couch at home, search with one click and its delivered to your front door.

More reason people like shopping online:

  1. No waiting line to pay your goods
  2. Don’t need to go from store to store to get the specific products you want
  3. No battling for parking and don’t have to pay though some of conventional store are free of charge.
  4. No traffic jams, save time save gas
  5. You can be nude at home while shopping, no drama with kids
  6. Delivered to your home, don’t need to cary tons of shopping bags
  7. Reduce wasting paper/receipt, better for environment
  8. Buy everything from one place

Shopping online make life easy

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Bali local produce 

Compass Fresh support local business and local produce. We love locals but we also offer selections of imported goods.

Available local produce are Jam, honey, nuts products, coconuts oil and water, bakery, cookies, granola, Cakes and many more selections from Bali Buda, Awani, BaliAsli and many more available online now at


Ice Cream Online – Famous Gusto Gelato Bali

For me, saturday is Ice Cream Day

Cure my hangover craved. Chocolate Chilli is my favourite flavours, it’s only when it made by my favourite Gelato store in Bali. Gusto Gelato. So delicious and price is so affordable.

Their shop always full of people, lining up in front of big groups of local, from jakarta, Surabaya, tourist, foreigners, students and many more. Though they are pretty fast services but they have limited chairs to have it there, and also parking is another problem. So hard to get it or you’ll make a big traffic jam on the main road.

The good thing is now Compass Fresh Bali can deliver this yummy ice cream to your home. Many flavours you can choose  too. It’s actually very good thing. Find selections here

Online Fresh Market Bali

compassfresh moto

It’s very rare you find online Market in Bali as local still go to traditional market everyday. Though the market offer so very fresh vegetables and fruits, sometime you still need to go somewhere else to find something else that traditional market doesn’t offer. So here we go, driving around again and again go to shop here and there, sometime it’s so tiring to do it every single time.

Now I think why can’t I just shop in one place for everything I need? Then I start to have this idea of opening an online market shop for everything kitchen supply needs. Actually it’s so much easier to do that. Firstly because I don’t need to go drive around anymore and secondly just spent and shop in one place. So, here I am opening a business that can help specially mother have an easier life.

My website name is
Have a look and tell me what do you think, from design and anything you think is need to be improved.

Nyepi Day 8-9 March 2016

Selamat hari Nyepi 2016

Happy celebration of Silence day 8-9 March 2016. May peace bring lots of Joy next year in Bali.

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