It’s definitely Friday again. And we all love #Friday where the weekend begin. Means eating out and Catching up with friends at your favourite place.
What about tomorrow? Relax. Do nothing or just invite your friends to your home for afternoon snacks or dinner.
Here is a special recipe for your tomorrow’s food.

Before you get too excited, you need to have all ingredients I mention below and if you don’t have them, order online at #CompassFresh and you’ll get them at your door by tomorrow morning or anytime suits you.
Afternoon Snacks (Cheese Platter)

 1. Plain crackers or bread sticks

2. Soft cheese like Brie, semi hard cheese like cheddar and hard cheese like parmigiano reggiano. Blue cheese is also popular to include on cheese platter if you like them.

3. Cashews or almond nuts

4 marinated olives

5. Salami or ham

6. Dips like hummus

And for sweet Extra add fruits like grapes, apple, berries or dried fruits.
For Dinner

Have BBQ if you like to cook or Pies if you want it easy.

You just need meats, asparagus, barbecue and ketchup sauce.

All ingredients available at Compass Fresh and can be delivered tomorrow #saturday
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